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About Us

After the age of 21 adults with disabilities can no longer attend high school which leaves them unplaced in our community. Could you imagine having this worry as a parent?

ACI is the first of its kind to offer apprenticeships for adults with disabilities to continue their education with hands on experience in the classroom and in our community through work placements. These students will always attend their work placements with a Career Coach who is an ACI employee and is there to support both the student and employers each step of the way!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide progressive movement in our community while offering enriched courses that are functional to our students and will increase their employment rate. With the focus on making community partnerships and being able to meet the needs of our future employers, through hands on training and step by step guidance.

The ACI program is dedicated to enhancing the education and development of students with disabilities, who want to transition into the work force and continue to develop meaningful connections. The community partnerships will allow for continual respect, inclusion & integration among all partnerships involved.